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GoGuardian Troubleshooting Tips
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1. Make students log off and back on again onto their AISD Student account.  Verify it is their student account.

                If a student is logged into their Allen ISD account somewhere else (i.e. home) this can also cause a Monitor Restricted or other error message.  Might be good to remind students to always log out when done with a session even if it’s a device they trust.

2. Check to see if they are on the CB Network

3. Make sure that Chrome is up to date (A handful of students did not have the latest version of Chrome)

4. The GoGuardian Chrome Extension will glow blue when a student is in a session.  If you hover the mouse over it, it will tell you what session(s) you are in.

5. Check if any other URLs are open on the device and check any that seem unusual (sometimes proxy websites can block content)

6. Check if there are any other extensions on the Chrome Browser or that are running by clicking on the puzzle piece  at the top right of the Chrome Browser (sometimes this can impact how GG works).

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