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PowerSchool Perform Common Issues
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Please follow the steps below for common issues with PowerSchool Perform.


Logging In


Make sure you are using the firstname.lastname format (not full email address) for your username with your network password.


Invalid Login Attempt

If you receive an "Invalid login attempt" as seen below after confirming the correct credentials are used, do not click to reset your password. Please submit a ticket as your account may not be provisioned yet.


If you receive a 500 Error Message:


The 500 error is a problem with PowerSchool's servers that we have no control over.

Clearing your browser's cache sometimes helps.

Otherwise, try the following link to go directly to the website. Don’t go through our portal.

Enter your credentials as mentioned above.


One more troubleshooting tip is to login to PowerSchool on two different devices at the same time, the media PC and the teacher Surface, usually one will work then.


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